Home-based products by The Passionate Preserver can be purchased at City Antiques & Interior Arts:

700 Holcomb Bridge Road  |  Suite 100  |  Roswell, Georgia 30076

Open daily and the largest antique mall in Roswell, Georgia!
100+ dealers and consignors; 160+ booths and display cabinets; 20,000 square feet of showroom and 7,500 square feet of courtyard space.

[Allison Lizdas, Jazzercise Instructor, Foodie enthusiast] 

"Brenda graciously gifted me with some of her preserves a few years ago. My family has been using her products exclusively ever since! The flavors of Brenda’s preserves are unique and the pairings are so unexpected that they are a joy to use in the kitchen. From relish with pork, to glaze for fish, or preserves with chicken fingers, I have learned that every meal is the perfect occasion to use products from The Passionate Preserver!"

The Passionate Preserver... 

I am The Passionate Preserver.

What others are saying...

[David DiCorpo, Culinary Instructor/Canning Mentor to The Passionate Preserver]

“The Passionate Preserver. Couldn't have worded it better myself. From the belligerent assistant working her first canning class with me, lamenting her years of lost youth 'putting up,' canning, and preserving 24/7, vowing to not enjoy herself or ever can again. To someone today who truly has a passion, a gift for what she is doing, and is enjoying it to boot! I couldn't be happier to call you my friend, and my inspiration.” 

Karen Bentley, Food Blogger: http://www.georgiamountainfoodways.com/


"When I looked for jams and jellies that supported the Taste and Savor culinary point-of-view, which is delicious and healthy, I found The Passionate Preserver. Brenda's products taste like fruit, not sugar! I love supporting others who are dedicated to doing their best. Brenda's yummy preserves, jellies, and chutneys are my 'go-to'!"

[Lea Bowen, Sous-Chef, Taste and Savor & Personal Chef, The Passionate Plate]

“I have had the pleasure of learning the art of canning from Brenda and have also been a satisfied consumer of her many amazing products.

Each handcrafted jar is infused with her passion for unique, healthful and high quality ingredients. Brenda is truly preserving the past in a truly modern way!”