About The Passionate Preserver

Fun Facts

People have been “puttin up” in my family for decades. So I guess you can say it really IS in my DNA. 


But I wasn’t always passionate, nor did I appreciate the craft. In fact, growing up, it was a pain, an inconvenience, and downright boring. However, as years have passed, I find myself back in my parents’ kitchen remembering so many rituals my mom performed when readying to preserve the harvest from my dad’s large garden.

From spreading out white towels to protect the family dinner table, to sterilizing the jars, to walking into the kitchen and seeing her rows of the brightest yellow and orange peaches in quart jars all lined up, I’ve recaptured that past through my own canning journey leading to The Passionate Preserver.

Now, I happily embrace the tradition of canning and preserving, but with a more modern spin. While I literally will preserve anything that stands still long enough for my own friends’ and family’s enjoyment, my goal for my small business is to focus on developing preserves that are robust with natural flavor, with a reduced amount of sugar. I have fun developing recipes that allow the real essence of my products – the fruit and other produce from local growers -- to shine.

I hope you will visit my site often, as it will constantly change in response to produce availability, the seasons, and feedback. Join me as I share my passion for preserving
​and canning! 

  • Canning and preserving instructor
  • Assistant to culinary instructors and leading chefs from metro Atlanta and across the United States
  • Coordinator and founding member of the Can-Can Girls canning
    ​summit group
  • Producer of more than 300 jars in one year
  • Collector of antique canning jars and Mason-inspired collectibles